Foreign Exchange
Mercury Travel is an Authorised Dealer of foreign exchange which enables us undertake a wide range of foreign exchange transactions for overseas business and leisure travel and other related services.

Our range of foreign exchange products includes Foreign Currency Notes, American Express Travellers Cheques and the My Global Money Card in a wide range of currencies. The combination of Currency Notes, Travellers Cheques and Pre Paid Cards is a safe and convenient way to carry foreign money overseas.

On your return, you can encash all your unspent currencies at any of our branches.

Additionally we issue foreign exchange to students traveling overseas for higher studies, persons traveling overseas for employment, migration, medical treatment, foreign currency remittances, overseas film shoots and disbursement of crew wages for shipping companies.

Walk into your nearest Mercury Travels branch to buy or encash your Foreign exchange commission free.
Customer Support
If you have any queries of requre any further assistance on tour packages, please visit the nearest Mercury Travels Branch or email us at