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Whatever be your holiday and travel plans, we make it come true. Come, experience the world with Mercury Travels - a Luxury Initiative of EbixCash.

Mercury Travels offers a complete range of holiday and travel services. From creating the most memorable holidays at the world's most luxurious hotels to ticketing on the most preferred airlines at the most economical airfares to organizing the most enriching business conferences. We provide you the widest range of foreign exchange products and currencies at the best rates. And of course, offering comprehensive Travel Insurance products as well.

We take care of every minute detail, so that you enjoy the perfect holiday.   

Our People:

We are proud of our people - proud of their ability, commitment and service orientation. Mercury Travels has around 350 employees who are skilled in the travel business. Our people have been indoctrinated in the service quality mindset and the organization is one of the best customer service oriented companies in the travel services domain. The company enjoys a reputation for providing reliable, personalized and professional travel services. 

Corporate Practices

Corporate Governance practices, Internal Control Systems and Anti-Money Laundering Policy are some of the ongoing practices within Mercury Travels.

The company has implemented the principles of good Corporate Governance by adopting standard Corporate Governance practices through continuous improvement of internal systems to ensure customer satisfaction.

At Mercury Travels, Internal Control Systems that include Operational, Financial and Legal systems have been integrated to ensure that the Company meets its business objectives. These systems are continuously monitored, reviewed and modified when necessary for better efficiency and effectiveness.

The Company has implemented Anti-Money Laundering Policy which provides detailed guidelines and procedures to be followed whilst undertaking foreign exchange and travel transactions.

Associate Company 

Mercury Himalayan Explorations Ltd (MHE) is an associate company that specializes in adventure holidays. The company was founded in 1982 as a joint venture between Mercury Travels Ltd and the legendary Indian mountaineer of Everest fame, Col. N. Kumar. MHE offers the largest trekking and adventure travel network in the Indian sub-continent. From Ladakh trekking to high altitude safaris, from Himalayan mountaineering expeditions to white water rafting down the Holy Ganges, MHE specializes in a variety of adventure sports in India.

For more information, visit www.mheadventures.com